Message from Tom R

Tom Romiglio and his daughter Brianna

I truly believe in a recovery community devoted to helping people help themselves and each other recover from the slavery of addiction. I have the philosophy that all people have the same worth and need to nourish the qualities and talents that make us all better people.

The road to recovery is an ongoing process. It is a journey not a destination. There are many paths and many opinions on how to be successful. Our mission is to help people onto a path of recovery and give them the simple tools needed to continue on it.

Every day people struggle with their addictions and a lot of treatments and programs focus on the problem. Here at New Life we believe in focusing on the solution. By using the proven methods of 12 step programs, a holistic healing process, and a safe environment, we believe we have a path that will work for anyone willing to turn their will over to it.

It is not my way that works. It is my turning my will over to a power greater than myself, whatever that means, and asking for help. We have many volunteers willing to help in New Life and carry their message of experience strength and hope to the participants.  This is extremely important to us. The voice of recovery is many not one and we need not fear different views.

              Let’s try and keep this simple.