Tom Romiglio Bio

I got sober in April of 1987 after a ten year battle with drugs and alcohol addiction. I was a very  active member of the recovery community for the next 10 years. I volunteered in the prison system for the next 10 years also, at Belknap county jail, The summit program, and the state prison in Concord. After that I spent some time raising a family and working in the electronics field. I still maintained my connection with the recovery community, attending meetings and sponsoring people.

I decided at some point there was something missing, the work I did in the prisons and helping others on a larger scale.

I sat down and worked on a program and a business plan for a small house for recovery.  At that point I got involved at Webster Place in the very early planning stages

Over the next year I became a principle member of the programming committee for Webster Place . We develop the original program, staffing, schedule, and curriculum for WP.

The first 2 years a WP were a great learning experience for me. The director and the program director taught me many things, but what I really learned was that keeping it simple was best possible way to help an addict.

  For the next year , myself,  Colleen O,  and the marketing director ran WP by committee. I really was able to see that the simple program of using the 12 steps and one addict helping another, works, and works well.

In January 2011, my wife of 18 years passed away from cancer. I resigned from Webster place in June and  spent the next 4 years working and raising my teenage daughter.  She entered college in the fall of 2017. Sometime during her high school years  I found myself feeling I need to do more again. I began working part time at River Bank, and eventually full time in January 2017.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to get back to where I belong, helping one addict to help another in a safe and healthy environment, and then have them pass it on.